Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Year of Yes: Celebrating and Growing

Chillin' in front of Bok Tower as the bells played

It's been one year since the day I told him yes, wholeheartedly.  You can read about that here.  *smile*  He is still sweet and servant-hearted as ever, I and am hopefully more kind, gentle-hearted.  We are growing.
My hubby and the photographer of our day:  isn't he talented?
It was nice to get out of the apartment yesterday and we had a great time at historic Bok Tower and Gardens, walking among the peaceful surroundings, enjoying the day together.  We've been trying to take every weekend this month to do something special,
The view from the back of the estate

One of my favorite views, by the visitor center
as family will be in over the holidays and time alone will be scarce.  He is sweet to honor my request.  Did I mention my husband is sweet?  Such a kind soul.  I am learning that the first yes was only the beginning of a life of yes....yes to the dying to myself, yes to joyful submission, yes to forgetting myself long enough to serve him.  And yes to wherever this path we're on together takes us.  Am I glad?  That would be one more, resounding YES.  God has been so good to us.  May I encourage you to walk the path of 'yes' to God even today?  You won't regret it...  

It was hard to resist grabbing an orange....but resist I did :)

Window at the pond, and the Great Blue Heron
The Holiday Home Tour of Pinewood Estates


  1. Glad you go to visit! It is one of the best gardens in the country, which I know now more than I did even when I visited. Looks like you enjoyed your visit!

    Congrats to the Finks on your year together.

    You might also like the Leu Gardens in Orlando... another fun day out together? :)

  2. It was so beautiful....I hope to check out Leu Gardens when my mom comes down in January. Can't beat gardening in Jan! Have enjoyed seeing the changes of your garden over the past few months. Hope all is well. Merry Christmas!


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