Share Your Story

Everyone has a God-story.  Mine involves healing from perfectionism, depression and betrayal, among other things....what's your story?  How has God worked in your life, shown your more of Himself, brought you more joy than you thought possible?  I'd be honored to hear it, and I'll bet others would too.

I've added a response form to the side-bar to start collecting stories....stories with happy endings, and stories that are still in process.  For me, sharing bits of my story here has been a healing journey, and I hope the same will be true for you.

So how does this work?  Scroll down the page until you see the 'Want to share your story' response form.  Share with me in 100 words or less what God has done to redeem the messes and mundane in your life.  I'll respond via email to encourage you, pray over your healing process, and talk about putting your story up on my blog.  If that sounds good to you, than what are you waiting for?  Your healing might be just around the corner....

Sincere blessings,


  1. Hi Ruth! In April you commented on my blog after i wrote about losing community. You wrote that you and your husband were going to a new church, i think. I just wanted to see hoe that's been going for you. Transitions can be so hard and finding community is a huge challenge! I hope you've found a home!

  2. Hi Tammy :) We have been members of the new church since Mother's Day and are very thankful for it. Deep relationships take time though, so though there are many wonderful people, there is still a lot of road to travel. Thanks for checking in. How is your journey with finding community going?


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