Saturday, December 4, 2010

Waiting and Expecting

      Just discovered a new song that really speaks to me.  You can find it  here.
     The Afters really capture something that has been burned on my soul, the fact that God loves to 'Light up the Sky' in the midst of our darkest nights.  I am in need of God's fireworks display right now in my life, and not because I need the fireworks to prove His love (I don't), but because I know something deeply spiritual happens when we throw up our hands, admit our need for God, and stand back, watching Him do what only He can do.  
     I know He loves showing off His glory, so to speak, and I am just like any Daddy's girl...I love being treasured, cared for, and protected by my Dad, the King of Kings.  So I'm watching this night sky....knowing He's up to something good in the midst of the darkness.

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