Hey you!  Thanks for stopping by.  If you've poked around here before, you'll notice that some things look a little different... I'm excited about my new wellness focus and hope you will be too!  Since starting this blog several years ago, I've grown and changed a lot and so has my vision for the blog.  This blog is for you if:

~ You are interested in holistic grace for body, mind, soul and spirit.
~ You enjoy meditation and discussion of Scripture, relationships, women's issues, and realistic self-care.
~ You appreciate helpful reviews of relevant books, wellness products or new recipes.
~ You are ready for any kind of healing in your life and want a friend to join you in the process.
~ You want to know what's going on in my life! (Hello friends and family across the country and world :)

My goal is to post at least once a week, sometimes more or less. Thanks for understanding that life can be crazy and or the pen is just dry.

A little more about me: I'm a farm girl, one of 8 kids, recovering-perfectionist-turned-wellness advocate, wife to Paul, and new friend to YOU! My degree is in Biology, but a several trials along the way have led me to my passion for mind-body-soul wellness.  It was God's ruthless love that brought me to this place... fierce, tender love. I enjoy walking/hiking with my husband, coffee shop dates with friends (I'll take a chai, please), and saving money at Aldi.  I can be found facilitating women's Bible studies, singing on praise teams, and teaching Christian yoga.  I might be a pastor's wife soon, but please don't call me that!  I prefer Daughter of the King.

I hope something you find here is a blessing.  You can connect with me further on Pinterest , Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Hope you pull up a chair and stay a while! As my grandfather used to say, "you can learn something from any ol' fool if you listen long enough." ;) Perhaps something God has done in my life will bless you as much as it has blessed me.

Amazed by Grace,