Monday, October 31, 2011

Even for the Rain, We Say Thanks...

My daisies made the trek from PA.
This morning Paul and I were greeted by the rain in the middle of our morning walk....we got a shower before our showers!  That was fun, and reminded us of our cross-country running days, and races in the rain (believe me, we needed to hoof it back today to avoid getting completely soaked!)  So....I thought I would capture some photos of the rain off of my front porch for you.  I am thanking the Lord for a day off (not thankful that my students are sick however) but thankful for a chance to catch up at home and get a little more settled in.  We still have boxes to unpack and sorting, 'nesting' to do....okay, I guess that I am the one that needs (?) to do the nesting....Paul, the more organized one, is happy with each new box that gets unpacked.  But I have a very patient husband.  Thankful for that too.

For my morning time with Jesus I was reflecting on what the men and women of prayer at St. Andrews often do... prayer through the Scriptures...and I thought I would try that as well.  Beth Moore's books first introduced me to doing this, and though I have gotten away from it, the reminder during services and prayer times has been helpful.  I love praying God's words back to Him, as a way to honor Him and direct my thoughts.  This morning it was Psalm 23:

Yea! for trees so close.
Thank you, Lord, for being my good Shepherd!  There truly is nothing I lack.  Forgive me for my discontent.  Thank you for the green pastures you have given me today, that I can rest in You.  Thank you for the quiet waters--how you have calmed the turbulent seas of my soul!  You truly do renew my life and restore all the brokenness in me.  You lead me on right paths--help me to be willing to follow on this narrow road, for Your name's sake alone.  Though there will be dark valleys, you are with me and I can fear no danger.  Your protective and disciplining rod comfort me, help my soul to rest.  What an amazing table of delights you prepare for me while my enemies watch!  You pour over me the oil of your precious Holy Spirit--I am overflowing with joy.  Goodness and faithful love follow after me, even pursue me when I wander, every day that you have planned for me!  What a joy and delight to dwell in your house forever, Abba Father!  Amen.

I trust you are finding joy on your path with the Shepherd today as well, be it rain, sun or even snow...


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