Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's a Homemade Christmas...

I've been thinking about what always made Christmas special to me, growing up on the farm...  and I've come to realize, apart from all the efforts my parents made to emphasize Christ, it was the homemade touches....cookies, homemade gifts galore, ornaments painted by hand, handwritten Christmas cards, caroling with family and those home-bound....among many other things.  In fact, back on the farm, doing things homemade was the only way.  We didn't buy into the commercialism and hype of Christmas, and that's something I hope to hold onto with my new little family here in Florida.  While we don't have all the fresh farm goods and family at a stone's throw, we have each other, the Spirit of Christ within us, and the desire to start traditions that will carry on for God's glory.

What traditions do you have for Christmas?  This year, the Perry family is doing our gift exchange again....a must with so many of us!  Sadly, there will not be a Christmas Extravaganza talent show this year, but if we are ever able to fit into one home again for the holidays, I'm sure that will happen!  The Finks will be coming down to FL to help us celebrate, with some time at Disney as well.  I've been busy getting our home ready, and I have some surprises for them!  I think the ham I purchased is too big, however, which means we will be having all sorts of ham-type recipes Christmas week....stay tuned for what recipes I might find for that conundrum!  Below are some photos of what I've been up to....

Can't go wrong with sugar cookies!

Leftover chocolate frosting and sprinkles did the trick!

Leftover burlap from my wedding, star pattern found online

Ornament hooks and jute twine

Aren't they cute?
I hope your Christmas stands out like this pretty little cookie...

Ta-da!  Homemade garland made with leftover supplies!
Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite way to celebrate the season, most of all by remembering the Christ-child who humbled Himself to walk among us....

And here is a great reminder I read this morning of all Christ has done through coming to us on earth...

And this lovely series, that will help make your Christmas more meaningful...

Merry Advent!


  1. YUM! Those cookies look so yummy!!
    The garland's cute!
    Merry Christmas to the Finks!

  2. Hi Liv, great to hear from you....the cookies didn't last long! Merry Christmas....miss you!!


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