Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Praise the Creator {for beautiful YOU!} {Day 3}

I love watching the BBC Planet Earth movies with my hubby.  Breathtaking landscapes, mountain views, and delicate insects and flower petals.  But God had something even more wonderful in mind when He created His image.  He does not like it when we belittle ourselves!  Have you ever stopped that negative chatter that rolls around your head and realized you would never think that way about someone else?  Why is it that we do that to ourselves?  God did not make a mistake when he made you.  You are not an after-thought.

Try this exercise to remind yourself (or learn for the first time) how treasured you are by the most High God.  Stand in front of a mirror, and take the time to thank God for each part of you.... one. at. a. time.  When we do this, we acknowledge that He has fearfully and wonderfully made us (Psalm 139) and that we are not a mistake, an afterthought, or anything less than perfect in His eyes.  He sees us as He sees His son, Jesus, so we have nothing to fear.

God, we praise you for the energy you put into making each one of us in your image.  You have crafted this beautiful world for us to enjoy, and you have made us for your own glory and enjoyment.  Help us to rejoice in who we are in You, and resist the urge we often have to belittle ourselves internally.

Bless you, friends....

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