Friday, September 14, 2012

Learning to focus (on the right things)

It's Five Minute Friday, and the topic is: FOCUS.  Feel free to play along on your blog, or even in your own personal journal.  Write for five minutes on the topic and link over here with Lisa-Jo and friends when you're done!

"E-V-L-C-W."  I called out letters to the eye doctor, just a few weeks ago, and have had crystal clear vision since.  Though I've worn corrective lenses of some sort since fifth grade, without them I still don't see as well I'd like.  I know I won't this side of heaven.  Is my spiritual focus any different?  Do I think that I can become lax with wearing the lenses of Scripture, simply because I've been reading the Holy Words since childhood?  Listening to Matthew's gospel on audio this morning reminded me again, I cannot.  How easy it is to look back on a day, a week, a month, and see the trials, the frustrations, the hurts.  And miss the beauty.  The triumphs.  The almost-too-good-to-be-true realities of each of our lives.  I have done this too often!  

So were my emotional ups and downs this week a result of low blood sugar, struggles at school, or spiritual nearsightedness?  (Perhaps all of the above.)  Nonetheless, I will take the time to FOCUS on the things I cannot afford to be blind to:  
~my Father, who chose me, redeemed me, lavishes love on me daily
~my loving husband who listens, prays, encourages, and does it all over again for me, every day for the past year, 5 months, and 11 days (approximately :)
~the fact that my old '98 Subaru still runs (even if only in a couple of gears...we'll see what the mechanic says later today :)
~10 children to love, encourage, enjoy, laugh with, cry with
~life in a nation where I can still worship freely, vote for my leaders, and have value as a woman
~and many, many more moments to focus my heart and soul on

The doctor comes back in for the last vision test, and with the new lenses, she asks me to read the last line.  It reads: L-O-V-E.  A life given by God, embraced by God, wrapped up in the gift of Jesus, and sealed with His Spirit.  It is worth focusing on the good.  Walking in spiritual blindness is too costly!

Focus on Him this Friday,


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