Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little People

Had lots of time with family and friends over this Easter holiday...hopefully you were able to enjoy that, too.  Isn't it funny how the little people bring out a different side of life?  Watching nephew M with the Easter excited about every little treat he found.  When was the last time I was overjoyed about some little surprise from Heaven?  Isn't it time to notice the simple things like our little friends?

And then there was baby C, here, and how she giggled with delight at every I enjoy the people around me with this abandon?  Can't we all relax a little more in the arms of the people God has given us, trusting that He has put them there to bless us?  I know I can.  When do we 'grow up' and stop trusting like a child?

My best friend's boy, little man J, was having so much fun on our day out on the town.  So many swings and hideaways, at the expansive playground we discovered, and so little time.  I was struck, however, by a refusal to obey from this one, when asked to hold my hand and not go out into the street.  How many times have I done this (both as a child, and now) when God asks me to 'Wait, it's not safe to walk forward yet' or 'Hold my hand, you'll be safer that way.'  Why does my stubborn independence and pride cause me to walk forward into danger, assuming I know better than the Almighty God?  Forgive me, Lord, for my refusal to trust in your sovereignty, for my lack of trust to relax in your arms and your ways, and for the ways I miss all the 'little treasures' you pack every day with.  You are so good to your children!  Help us walk with childlike faith.  Amen.

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