Monday, October 8, 2012

The vow, and the reality

If you live by the passage, 'let your yes be yes, and your no, no,' you realize that your word is a solemn promise between you and whomever you speak with, share life with.  My husband can tell you, I have a lot more words in a day than he does.  :)  Thankfully, he's a wonderfully patient listener.  He could also tell you (though he won't, because he's too kind), that I've made a promise that I don't always keep.  A little over 18 months ago, I made a promise to Paul to love and cherish from that day until our final days on earth.  Pretty hefty promise!  Hard to make, even harder to keep.

Over the past few weeks as I've been silent on this little online corner of the world, God has been working in my heart through a marriage seminar, a bible study, loving friends and loyal husband.  I've seen that not only do I need to grow as a wife, but I need to grieve my sin towards God and my husband.  (And yes, lest you begin to believe that I hold Paul up on too high a pedestal, God has also shown me my idolatry in placing him higher than my Savior at times!)

It's amazing how God shines the light into the dark places of our soul, the places that we'd rather hide than deal with.  But when He shines the light, and cleans out the sin-sickness, He also fills us with His joy, His presence.  A much better option than the slavery of our sin!

There are many things that I have been learning, and hope to share with you over the course of this month.  Perhaps God is speaking to your heart on a certain topic, something you can't avoid any longer.  What is it?  How will you respond this time?  Have you repented and need to accept His grace?  It is all-sufficient.  He longs to welcome us all back into His arms.

This past Saturday, I welcomed my husband home from a business trip and realized that my heart had been changed.  A deeper respect and appreciation was there, for his kind and patient nature, his wisdom, and yes, his quirks :) .  I had prayed earnestly for his safe return, trusting I'd have more opportunities to show him the love and respect I've promised.  As he drew me into his arms, I realized again that we love, because He first loved us.  What a solid foundation on which to build our often imperfect promises.   

Here is a song we used in our wedding, that reminds me to make Christ central in our home.  It also reminds me to make others feel welcome in my heart, especially my husband.  Am I cultivating a heart where others feel safe and loved with me?

Bless you, in your marriage journey!  Ruth 

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