Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amazing August 2012

Hello friends,

I trust you enjoyed this week thus far, as I have (my school week is over, so the weekend starts tomorrow...).  Now that it's September, the weather is getting crisper, the leaves will turn soon, and the hot's Florida!  Okay, so at least I'll be sipping hot tea (currently, peach is my fave :)  Though the summer doesn't officially end for a couple weeks, with school starting it feels like fall is right around the corner.  And I must say, August was a month full of awe.  Not awful.  How did we twist that word?  Here are some highlights:

~starting on J.R.R. Tolkein's masterpiece (Lord of the Rings) with hubby
~welcoming Florida friends back who were away for the summer
~beach trip
~Costco membership (yes, that place is great!)
~listening to One Thousand Gifts, again
~learning growing in contentment
~first few weeks with my sweet students
~easier transition (than I expected) into my *very own* classroom
~my patient, wise, and long-suffering hubby
~Starbucks dates and board games (I think Scrabble is the only one I can win, however...and that is because of Mom!!)
~surprise Panera lunch & chai tea with a friend (brought to my doorstep--can you believe it?)
~phone calls with old friends
~updates from the Perry Farm
~dinner guests
~visiting with friends
~forgetting my password to Pinterest (a hidden blessing!)
~and many, many more....

Blessings on your evening from sunny (and stormy) Florida,


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