Friday, August 24, 2012

What God has joined together....

Today is Friday.  :)  That's great for a lot of reasons!  But one of them is that it is Five Minute Friday time again....  Join Lisa-Jo and the community of writers over here, if you want to play along on your blog.  The topic today is 'JOIN'.
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Matthew 19: 6 "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, man must not separate.”

Knowing that God has joined us helps.  It brings joy, and also courage, when everything around us tries to pull us apart.  There's the chores, the expectations, the big and small things.  And there's an enemy.  Though not as strong as our God, he's still on the loose, like a rapid dog, unconcerned with anything but its own ferocity.  This 'rabid dog' has threatened to eat at my will and good intentions to love my husband all week.  It can be a vicious fight, this fight to love, to prefer another, to lay down my own desires.  And often we are left bloody, even as we stand victorious.  That's when I remember that God has done the joining, and no failings on my part can undo what God intends.  What a precious truth! tells me that 'join' has several meanings, and I see them all at work in my marriage:  to connect, to come together for a specific purpose, and to enlist in the armed services, (among others).  I know the 'already, not yet' principle is at work in this 'joining' God does.... for I see that we, my dear hubby and I, are connected, but we must choose to connect every day.  I see that we have come together for specific purposes, but we must choose to remain united for those purposes.  I see that we are enlisted in this army of God, but we must choose to fight.  JOIN.  Jesus Offers Incomprehensible New we give ourselves to one another, and remained joined as we were on that very first day.

Blessings to you....

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