Thursday, June 13, 2013

If I were 90, looking back....

Hertha Kuehn (Oma) October 1918-June 2013
UPDATE:  I had no idea that Oma would pass away just two days after I wrote this post.  We are celebrating her union with Christ!  This fact makes the following thoughts even more real to me....

Have you ever thought about how you'd feel looking back on your life?  I know, I shouldn't ask questions that make you squirm, or should I? :)  Several events of the day brought me to a place in my heart where I really needed to sit down with my journal, a cup of my favorite tea, and a desire for the Lord to speak to and encourage my heart.  I find myself so easily distracted by daily life, my own selfish desires, and the practical needs of keeping a home (as well as major decisions that my sweet hubby and I are making) there's a lot spinning through my mind right now.  To be honest, I certainly wasn't expecting my encouragement to be a list that could turn into something burdensome!  However, as the thoughts came to my mind and flowed out onto the paper, it was strangely comforting to help me keep things in perspective.  What would you hope your life had looked like if you were 90 looking back?  How could that ground you, give you perspective, and help you to be free from distractions?  I'd love to hear an item from your list in the comments!

If I were 90 looking back, I'd hope I had....

~followed the Lord, holding nothing I'm reading about in this book!
~trusted God's timing for children
~was willing to let my man lead
~thought about others more than myself
~really loved well (1 Cor. 13)
~thought more about the presence of the Holy Spirit to 'make our home' than my own home-making skills.
~reached out to the poor, needy, hurting people, but not out of a need to 'feel good' about myself
~was willing to rest, enjoy life, and laugh more
~looked for every chance to affirm Paul and any children we'd been entrusted with, by resting in God's love for me
~was not afraid to use my gifts and creativity to follow God, even if it didn't fit my picture of what life was 'supposed to look like'
~treasured the Word and face of God in Christ above all things (Lord, help me!)
~surrendered to transformation by the Gospel, lived a life of humble obedience and repentance
~was honest with God and others and did not run from trials
~cared for my body, His temple, but not in an idolatrous way
~found my worth in Christ's love for me alone
~made others hungry and thirsty for God
~opened my home to many, as a haven of rest, joy, encouragement, and conviction to know and follow Christ
~laid up treasure in heaven more than in our checking account
~dreamt God-sized dreams

Oh Lord, help us to see life with your eyes, not a list of things to do, but the fact that it is all 'DONE' in Christ.

Bless you, friends,