Thursday, May 30, 2013

As May draws to a close...

Hello friends,

David Nevue is playing in the background (through the stereo, of course!) and I'm enjoying this salad from dinner last night.  I have some ideas for what I'd like to be discussing here at Ruthless Love this summer (hello summer: I've been longing for you!) Well, stay tuned, but one series will involve this book.  Yea!  We're doing the study at our church this summer and I am super-thrilled, trying to contain myself, excited!

But back to the title of this article; I've thought a lot about motherhood this month, and frankly, struggled with the topic immensely.  I've confessed here how I long for that season to come.  I know it will come in some form, some day, but it still hurts to have an empty home.  Especially on Mother's Day.  I must say, however, that several sweet friends prayed and encouraged me that motherly weekend, checked to make sure my heart was holding up.  Thanks especially, Laurie and Gwen!  Dear souls.  Dear friends.

On the flip side, however, I am learning so much during this season I am in.  I never learn and grow as fast as I'd like, but it is encouraging when our gracious Father allows me to see at least a little progress in myself.  Here's a link to my recent article on Letter to my Sisters.  I hope it encourages you in whatever season you find yourself in.

Seize your day for Christ!