Friday, March 29, 2013

A very Good Friday

Hello friends!

I've enjoyed my Spring Break from school...hanging out with friends and family, getting things done at home, a surprise anniversary gift for my hubby (2 years next week!!), and schoolwork. :)

My Mom and I at Blue Springs park in January
I'm looking forward to having guests over for Easter and enjoying this meaningful day together.  Shout out to my mom who helped us develop a love for this special day with all sorts of fun memories like egg hunts, thoughtful readings and music for church, and of course, the extravagant meal.  I'm just happy that I figured out how to make a roasted chicken and veggies that seems to turn out well :)  Don't get me wrong, I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, but holidays can overwhelm me.  I put all these expectations on myself for Martha Stewart perfection, all the while hoping for a perfectly godly attitude.  Hard to do...impossible, actually!  :)  I've been resting in the perfection of Christ on my account, and it is so freeing.  I'm also learning that my joy is not wrapped up in my happiness....more on that to come.

Here is a link to a recent post on the Letters to my Sisters blog that I also write for.  Loving speech is a topic I really struggle with, and holidays and busy times can make that even more difficult.  I hope that it encourages you to know that the perfection of Christ expressed for us on the Cross covers over our sins completely and fully.  I tear up thinking about it.  To know that the fullness of my sin and yours crushed him, and He did that simply to have relationship with us?  Hard to comprehend and accept, but if you have not claimed this gift for yourself, please run to Jesus and have that conversation with Him.  Why did You do it?  Why did You choose me?  How can I live my life for You in return?  It will be the best decision you EVER make.

We adore you, Jesus, and bow at your feet with humble gratitude, on this very, very Good Friday.