Friday, April 19, 2013

When it's time to jump...or to check the ropes

2010 Citikidz camp, Boswell PA
Five Minute Friday over at, and the prompt is JUMP.  I love to jump.  Perhaps it started when I was a long-jumper at Adena Middle and High school, or even before, jumping off the picnic table with my sisters, practicing for the hoped-for cheerleading positions (that never came, but practicing was fun!)  In life, too, I'm a 'jumper'.  Risk-taker.  Opportunity-seizer.  In my opinion, the only good choice is the one taken, not the one that could have been.  But I've learned over the past two-ish years of living, growing, loving with my sweet hubby that checking the ropes before jumping is just as important.  He's saved me from some hard falls, and to be honest, I've done my share of pushing him over the edge (in the best sense of the phrase, hopefully!)  We are looking at the mountains ahead, planning for the next jump....which may be a small hop into the next phase of life, or a breath-taking rappel off the mountain of our dreams.  Only God knows.  We're putting our hope in the God to whom nothing is impossible, but is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we ask for or imagine.  As for me?  I'm ready to jump.  Summers at SB2W brought a love for the high-ropes courses, and teaching others to jump too.  I remember that first time I backed down off the climbing wall: in tears, I had to be coached to take that first, scary step.  Just like in life, after you take that first step, hopping down the wall, hooked into the secure ropes, is quite a thrill.  With God as my belayer, and my sweet hubby holding the rope down below....friends and family cheering me on...I think it's time for another jump.