Friday, July 20, 2012

Enough....more than enough.

with Mike & Nan at Aunt Catfish's
This morning I sat in my peaceful new living room, giving thanks to my Father.  The radio played popular Christian songs quietly, and my husband had just left for work.  I looked at the vacuumed carpet, that had many feet walking on it to help us move just days prior.  Light streamed into the kitchen, over my bridal-shower-tablecloth-gift, with names of friends embroidered, and more to come, gifts of grace.  I think of the forgiveness given and received before we said goodbye this morning, and the friends we saw last night.  I have enough.  More than enough.  My mind flits back to my very first apartment, and the book given to me by a friend.  Subject?  Contentment.  I've struggled with that, and its evil twin sister, Envy. But these years since 417 1/2 West Poplar have humbled me, caused me to praise and not protest.  To embrace grace and give glory.  To honor my Lord and not myself.  And for all those things, I am thankful.  In the eyes of those chasing the 'American dream', I am not wealthy.  But in Christ, and in the eyes of the people this blogger speaks of, I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.  Hasn't He given me all I need?  And more?  Sitting here in our office now, with books lining the oak shelves, I realize that these words, these books, they reflect the Word made flesh.  And as I look towards the task ahead of me this fall, to disciple and encourage young lives, I know that it is time to put flesh on words.  Though imperfect, I am ready.  By grace through faith, and not of myself.  

Run after contentment, or you will run after the world.  Find Christ, and your heart will be full.   

Blessings of grace and peace,

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