Monday, August 6, 2012

July 2012 Memories and Thanks...

Hello blog friends,

I trust you had a wonderful July, and that your summer is ending well ( it really almost over?!)  I have been moving, travelling, visiting with friends and family, and prepping for my new teaching job!  Here are some of my favorite memories & thanksgivings from the past month:

~all the help from our church friends for our move!
~finding the lovely place where we are now living, and at a great price, location, etc.
~celebrating ONE YEAR in Florida!
~my sister and her family visiting us
~Paul's high school and college friends visiting
My adorable nieces and nephews at our annual WI Perry Family Reunion
~eating too much pizza, ice cream and junk food
~having fun with my school-year prep/lesson planning, and presentation
~travelling up to PA to see friends and family
~getting all settled in our new place, including hanging up pictures and curtains!
~joining in long-distance games and Skype chat with my family reunion up in WI (hopefully we can go next year...and see the darling kids posted here in the pics!)
~killing lots of roaches in our new place
~setting up new routines, finding new places for cheap dates :)
~God opening doors for us to serve in our new church (have we told you how much we LOVE it?)
~discovering the Emeals service (you might love it too!)
Mom, brothers, sisters, and lots of cute kids at our recent reunion
~and much, much more!

Also, I wanted to let you know that because of my busyness with the beginning of the school year, I will try to post once a week at most, and then hopefully get back to more frequent posting as we get things running smoothly in my new classroom :)  Please pray for me with this new endeavor, as I am excited and nervous to have my own classroom!

Your blogging friend in Christ,


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