Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Water to Wine...

     And so it was, a day of water, bitter water, turned to wine, in the light of God's grace and mercy.  We studied Naomi and Ruth today in our women's Bible Study, learning of how Naomi scoffed at her name, 'pleasantry' and instead asked to be called Mara, or 'bitter water'.  Of late, I have tasted that bitter water, and in fact, last night, we had no water at all in the house!  [Don't ever say to yourself...'it can't get worse'... *smile*]
     I will say that my sweet husband did work very hard with my Dad to come to a solution, and when there was none (alas)....we allowed sleep to engulf us and waited for morning, and for better answers.  But Christ is making the Water of Life in me into poured out wine; hopefully, for the good of those around me.  I feel myself being squeezed like grapes, and so my hope is that what comes out is sweet wine, that blesses those I live with, meet, and am bumping shoulders with along the way.
     Today cutting words pierced my heart and brought unexpected wounds.  With nothing left to give, and no grace to offer, I cried out to the Father, to family.  And my prayer earlier in the day, for a friend to greet and comfort me in my pain and loneliness, was answered in the sweetest of ways.  Dear sweet Elaine, whom I had only just met earlier this day, brought me into her home after a 'chance meeting' at the local library, spent the afternoon with me, a stranger, and offered the love of Christ.  Poured out wine.

Philippians 2:17
17 But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you.

     I have reflected on this gift, a friend poured out to me in love, and reflected on this day, on this week.  Crying out to a merciful God is always my best and first refuge.  (Psalm 71:5)  And I am thinking of the Ultimate Sacrifice, of my Lord and Christ, who poured out His life in the face of brutality and more than harsh...yes, hateful and vicious words and actions of those who killed Him...and how....he....responded....IN LOVE.  I was challenged by this post today, and though I am fighting to live in love and grace, what a picture our Lord and Christ is to us of love that knows no end, grace that cannot be exhausted, loving sacrifice that knows no offense.  

And I am humbled.  And grateful.  For a Savior who accepts me at my worst, and will not walk out on doing just that.  What an incredible example we have.  Inexhaustible love that never ends....

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