Monday, July 18, 2011

Safely Home...

Well, we are here and the boxes are starting to grow on us....a small joke, of course, but we are finding grace amidst the challenges!  I am trying to look at all the changes as a privilege to grow in the image of Christ and in a deeper relationship with Him...but it is easy to be frustrated by the upheaval and forget that God is in the details...waiting to answer when we call!  Thanks to all who have been lifting us up in prayer and rejoicing with us as we have headed out on a new adventure.  I have nothing profound to say, save that Christ is my all, and I am counting on Him to be just that as we wade through the waters of all things new here in Florida.  If you have a tip that helped you through a move or hard time, feel free to post and we will not be ashamed to try what worked for you!  (I suppose that's y'all where I am, now!)

I look forward to posting pictures of the beach and all the wonderful state parks very soon....I have been enjoying my new-to-me bike and look forward to exploring all things domestic with my Oma as I try to settle into a foreign place, keeping my eyes on my true Eternal Home....

My Monday Memorial Stones:
~meeting up with acquaintances and old friends from home--here in Florida!
~finding a church service on Sunday that really brought blessing and conviction to our hearts...beautiful St. Andrews church in Sanford, FL
~getting our bed and dressers set up (moving them, just the two of us, was a memorial stone for sure!)
~being able to support and encourage each other in this hard time
~listening to Oma's WWII stories in wonder and awe....God's grace and her strength and courage...
~Prayers and support from so many dear friends and family
~finding wireless hotspots before we get our internet set up (okay, does that really count as a MMS?)

Signing off for now....



  1. Glad that you made it safely, Ruth.
    Praying for you today.


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