Saturday, February 26, 2011

Active Rest

This phrase has been rattling around inside me lately...I first heard it when out in CO and my life was falling apart.  A friend mentioned to me in passing that I needed to learn 'active rest'...and at that point, there were so many things out of control, I don't know that I had the capacity to really absorb what she was saying...but I find myself in a similar, though less critical, of a time as I was then.  Similar things are being pulled up out of my soul, and I am realizing that God is peeling back the layers and teaching me some old lessons in new ways...and it seems that active rest is one of the things I am needing to get a better grip on.  This morning I listened to an excellent sermon here on rest, and the speaker seems to have a good understanding of this elusive concept.  He closes with some thoughts on balancing what we are called to, with the need to rely on the yoke the Lord offers, not our own strength and abilities.  I sigh as I realize the challenge to be fully serving and yet fully depending.  So that is my quest, as I enter into marriage...God has provided a wonderful man to help carry the load, but how do I continue to offer who and what I am, while at the same time allowing him to carry much of the weight of life that can be crushing?  It seems to be the same journey I am on with the Lord, and surrender has never been easy for me.  I've often wondered if being blessed with so many gifts and talents was more of a blessing, or a curse, as it has long plagued me with a performance mentality.  Praise be to God--I am learning--and I pray we all continue to 'give in' and not 'give up'...Surrender is this song reminds us. Press on!  

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