Thursday, October 31, 2013

Praise for Lessons Learned

It's been a lovely month with you here, reflecting on ways to praise our Savior.  This was my first try at the 31-day blogging adventure, so forgive me for not showing up every day.  I enjoyed the push to write more often, however!  In the process, I was able to find grace to look past my circumstances and towards Christ.  Being a bit melancholy by nature, it can be a discipline to see life positively at times.  What a hope and comfort to know we can look to our Savior in praise, despite how bleak a season of life may appear.  There is also much joy in knowing that God uses all circumstances for our good and His glory (James 1:1-12 and Romans 8:18-37).  Nothing is wasted!

What lessons have you learned this month? Are you able to praise God for the lesson, or does your heart still feel tender?

Also, try the links below for a couple of 31-day bloggers I've enjoyed this past month...

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Blessings on your weekend!


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