Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hope deferred, Joy found {and a review}

This weekend, one of my earthly hopes was deferred, again.  Maybe something you've been hoping in was not granted either.  If so, you understand the pain.  These things we hope for, they seem like good, godly things, right?  Is it wrong to hope for a loved one to accept the Lord, our character to be transformed, a child to be born, an elderly relative or neighbor to recover?  And the list goes on.  No, of course it is not wrong to wish for things, but it becomes wrong, misplaced hope, when our eyes are fixed on this more than on heaven, and the eternal life that is offered to us now through Christ.

Greetings from sunny Florida!
I love reading with my husband in the evenings, and this weekend, this book brought clarity to my discouraging situation.  I cannot do it justice, but if you are struggling to hope in Christ, I would strongly recommend this book.  Paul Tripp does not disappoint, and I was both challenged and convicted by his wise prose.  More than anything, I came away from this book with hope not only for eternity, but hope that is given in this life, through Christ.  You see, focusing our eyes on eternity makes all things come into perspective, and that is what had happened to me--I had lost perspective.  

Now I will say, my husband's silliness all weekend, intended to cheer me up, certainly helped as well.  (He is normally quite serious and I am the silly one.) I am so thankful for him, and the way he can help me see things with clarity.  Watching Emma together was also wonderful, as I know it was a big stretch from his preferred action-let's-see-how-many-things-we-can-blow-up movies!  

I trust God is shining joy into your days as well.

Enjoying our marriage journey

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