Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Joyful Journey

It was a sight that surprised me, this morning on the way to my last day at the boys' school.  Perhaps because I too am impatient.  The black Acura in front of me zoomed around the white Lexus, clearly perturbed that the Lexus was not exceeding the speed limit.  Mr. Lexus was not going to be outdone, so even though we were stopped opposite a school bus, he screeched around said car number one.  As the bus moved on, the saga continued, one car passing the other ad infinitum.  I was shocked.  Had never seen road rage like this before.  It certainly got me thinking...

Clearly these individuals had no idea the affect they would have on my day (they obviously were wrapped up in their own needs) but I got to thinking about how my impatience can look just as ugly.  Usually it comes out on my husband, when my demands that he be or do something I feel I must have -- right now!  Other times it is impatience with myself and my failings, or impatience with another dear soul, whomever might happen to impinge on my happiness.  The demands and impatient spirit can snow ball and leave me in a small room, capacity one.  The selfishness cell, where the lights are down and the cobwebs grow, no chance for change or the Spirit to enter.  I find myself there too often.  And this is precisely where joy comes in....

I have been working on this virtue, a joyful, content spirit, and thankfulness has been my kind companion on this journey.  I am making small gains, but they feel profound to me.  Each day I see a small bit more of Christ in me, and this propels me forward, to keep choosing joy and thankfulness.  I find it makes me alive to the moment I am in, aware of God's grace and expectant of Who He is, rather than focused on the negative thoughts or paths the enemy might lead me towards.  It's really freeing.  No longer do I have to be enslaved to all the burdens that have weighed me down in previous days.  I can lift my eyes.

You can too.

Take a look at the Joy Dare for February {scroll to bottom of link for the list}, and I hope and pray you find the joy I am finding in this endeavor.  I dare you to start counting your blessings, looking for the grace that God is showering you with each day, and your perspective will change as mine has.  Perhaps it does not seem so to those close to me (yet!) but I feel a shift in my spirit and a spring in my step.  The goodness of the Lord is starting to sink into my bones.

Praying blessings on you,


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