Saturday, May 21, 2011

When All Else Fails...

How would you finish that sentence?  Where do you go 'when all else fails'?  What fills the voids in your soul and the cravings in your heart?  I think this tells us a lot about ourselves, and what is important to us.  Sure, we are often distracted by the things of this world, but when life gets messy, where do you go??  For me, it's the Word of God.  Nothing calms my fears and eases my fruitless anxieties like the life-giving Words of Christ.  To be truthful, it sometimes takes me longer to get to His Words than I'd like to admit.  But if I were to finish the above sentence, I would say..."When all else the Instruction Manual!"
    Today was one of those mornings.   My soul felt dry and I felt distant from my husband.  We are trying to make decisions about the future, and as life would have it, we have not been coming to the same conclusions.  Both of us are praying, as are many of you dear friends and family, and though we are getting closer to unity, we have not been there.  Crying out to God for answers, I heard this:  'Where is your hope?'  Well, I remember thinking, I believe it is in You, but I suppose You are telling me it is not?  Please tell me.  Then came the answer....'It is in Me, but it is also in Paul, and I am a jealous God.  I want to be Your chief delight and purpose, even over Paul.'
     I found myself drawn to Psalm 121, and where true help comes from..."I lift my eyes towards the mountains.  Where will my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth..."  And this week, that was truly the source of all Grace I received.  Of course, that is always the case, but as an impossibly crazy week comes to an end, I realize that once again, I was the recipient of extravagant, free, and yet costly Grace.  Free, because I did not earn it, and costly, because it was paid for with the blood of my dear Savior.  May your days be filled with this same free and costly Grace, and may your soul sing in response.  Words of life...filling our souls...and overflowing to the dying world.  Make us truly grateful, Father!    


  1. Hey Ruth! I read the same passage this morning. Here are a couple of things that have helped me in the decision/conflict arena with my Dear Professor.

    1) As much as I love him, he is a sinful human being who will disappoint me. Over and over, just as I will disappoint him. The only One who will NEVER let me down is Jesus. (those everlasting arms are always underneath even when I feel I'm falling!)

    2) My husband can only learn to lead if I allow him to by my willingness to follow, even when it's somewhere I do not want to go. (like North of the Mason Dixon line!) I need to lovingly express my concerns, and trust he loves me enough to take them into consideration. If mistakes are made, and they will be, it is an opportunity to minister grace and encouragement. Leading is not easy, our husbands need our permission to fail in order to learn how to do it well.

    Love you both.

  2. Yes, very good points....we are just getting started here, so giving grace is somewhere I can improve!! Trying not to control but rather let him grow in his role, as I do in mine! Thanks Judy for your thoughts and prayers! RF


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