Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Expecting Him

I felt like a child at Christmas...peeking out the door and waiting for it to appear.  My dinner almost burned and I realized I needed to get back to my duties inside...but the evening sunsets here in Florida have just been too breathtaking to miss.  So tomorrow I will sit and wait again, for the display of God's splendor in the evening sky.  I hear it has something to do with the particles floating over from Africa, and whether true or not, it certainly leaves me speechless.

What have you been expecting from God lately?  Do you sit and wait on the edge of your seat, knowing, trusting that He will show up as He has said He will?  We can speak of this in the deeper sense, knowing that His return to this earth is imminent...but even on the daily basis, how often do we, do I, live with the confident and expectant hope that He is only minutes away from displaying His glory in some way?

Here's to looking, expecting and confidently hoping that our Daddy God will find tangible ways to show us His deep love for us even TODAY!  It rests on His character, his deep love, and the glory only HE can display in magnificent ways.  I look forward to hearing how God displayed His character in your life today...


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  1. Oh so very true! I collect sunsets and sunrises as well. Thank you for shining the light on His glory. Miss you!


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