Monday, January 23, 2012

Multitude Mondays

Oma is looking pretty in pink at 93
 Hello online friends!  I am coming off of a great weekend with family!  I've included some photos for your perusal.  Perhaps you will see some family resemblances.  There's nothing like home-cooked food (Mom, aunts and uncle were here) and good fellowship.  We got to see lots of fun places and caught up on many important topics.  I trust you had a wonderful weekend as well.

Blue Springs Park
Aunts Christa, Ruth, and Ortrude
Uncle Werner and Mom
The crew in front of the historic Thursby house
Enjoying authentic German food at Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe
But on to the rest of today's post:  here at RL I'd like to join up with Ann Voskamp's Multitude Mondays hosted on her site, A Holy Experience, as it is a great endeavor.  I hope you are keeping your list of gratitude in your own way....whether with a journal public or private, online or old-fashioned.  There is even an app to help you in this joy journey.

I find that whenever I make the choice to turn my mind to gratitude, my spirits lift, my God is honored, and out of my heart flows words, actions that are more in line with what God calls us to in His Word.  Now, I am not suggesting that any 'formula' can guarantee Christ-like behavior, far from it...but I believe that God's word also teaches that a heart of thanksgiving leads to much joy.  More on that here.

All that being said, here are highlights from my gratitude list for this beautiful Monday.  (It was in the mid-70s down here in FL today and will be all week...visitors are welcome :)

~chance to connect with Mom and her siblings
~Saturday afternoon at the beach
~time to think and reflect, apart and together
~times of closeness
~being cared for by my love, my family
~rest being offered by my Father God
~beautiful Florida weather
~tutoring jobs are popping up--God is faithful!
~home remedies to bring renewed health and hope
~special moments caring for my love, who is not feeling well

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