Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas: Embracing the True Beauty

The Rose Garden at Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL

This IS possible in sunny FL, in December!

Soft and sweet

There are so many strikingly beautiful things about the Christmas season....more superficial things like the holiday lights, Christmas decorations, lovely wrapped presents, and softly fallen snow.  However, I'm thinking of the hearts of those that have brought Christmas memories to me over the years, friends and family with their hearts to honor the my sweet husband has done for me this holiday....and even more, the players in the Holy Story.  Mary, with her desire to give herself to exactly what God had in mind, Joseph, with his courageous choice to remain betrothed to Mary and protect the unborn child, and of course, our Lord and Savior, who humbled Himself to come into our world and be born into a life of struggle and grief....for our sakes alone.

This Christmas, Paul and I have enjoyed our Advent readings and making weekend memories that will last a lifetime.  While I may be scarce the next few days, I do hope for all of us that during this time we are able to embrace the True beauty of the season, found in Jesus Christ alone.

And here, just for your perusal, I've included some of the beautiful creation we enjoyed this past weekend at Leu Gardens.

May God make all your Christmas moments truly beautiful, in Him.

Christmas Blessings,

This rare variety, also known as my husband, is a keeper!

I chose style over comfort, and paid for it!  Still enjoyed myself, however...

The REAL Charlie Brown Christmas tree :)


  1. Ruth,
    love the shoes! They are so cute! Where did you get them?
    But, I know from experience...Comfort is better in some circumstances!

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