Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GPS God?

"Things don't seem to be going the way I expected"....those were my words to a girlfriend last week, as I mulled over some of the challenges Paul and I have faced in Florida.  Her response to me was almost a laugh...and yes, of course I know better than to have expectations of God and where he will take us.  "Isn't that the way God works?!," she replied.  Yes...

Isaiah 55:9
“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

As I spent some time journaling and in the Word and prayer this morning, I thought of how handy the GPS on Paul's phone has been as we have tried to find our way around the central Florida region.  All you need is an address, and the satellite finds where we are, and where we are trying to go.  As I was praying this morning, I realized that this is VERY different from the way God works.  How often do we try to get him to function like our handy technology, punching in the request that we want, and asking Him to get us there?

Today I remember that our God is a holy and perfect God, and His goal is always first that we know Him, find our joy in Him, and become like Him.  And I have discovered (as I'm sure you have, if you've walked with God very long) that there are all sorts of trials and tribulations connected to the accomplishment of those goals!  God does not 'recalculate' as some of those handy units do....God has the plan....and WE need to recalculate!  So that is what I am in the process of doing...aligning myself to God and His Word through prayer and reflection, and coming to see my sin, repenting of it....and opening myself up to whatever purposes God might have for this day...ONE DAY at a time!  

It is so easy for me to get the map of life (as if I truly know where life is going!) and run on ahead of God and His ways, His desire to walk with us day by day.  That is my confession today, and won't you join with me, in 'recalculating' according to God's plan?  (And yes, you can even use a special voice, if you'd like *wink*)

Walking with Him....

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