Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scrubbing Heart and Home

Our Florida home smelled of Murphy's Oil Soap (thanks to my dear friend Bev, who introduced me to MOS several years ago....) when Oma and I left to run errands earlier today....wood shelves, floors, and cabinets scrubbed.  It seems my heart has been getting a lot of scrubbing lately, too.  Being in a newish place (though I've been to visit many times, coming to stay is a very different thing...), waiting, and more waiting on so many things that I *think* will make me feel at home (we could all fill in this blank with something!), and remembering that what the world tells me will bring comfort is very different from what my Lord offers...

The Lord calls each of us to be faithful to the NOW and have hope in His promised NOT YET, which is not always the things of the world that we are longing for...and sometimes, it's the small little joys that add up in my day to make the now even better than the imagined 'not yet's' that my soul often the now brought these joys:

~creativity required in doing things around the house in new ways
~morning bike ride exploring the surrounding areas and enjoying my new-to-me bike
~pushing myself to do things I wouldn't have had to do back home
~seeing my love off to work, and feeling so proud of him
~remembering that at my age, this is still called 'youth', and being thankful for it!
~reminding myself that I craved the current 'not yet' I am living in....and working to be thankful....

How are you making your NOW full of joy, so that we will all be full of joy, as we anticipate not only our Lord's return, but each NOT YET that we are longing for....

Bring in the future with joy and thankfulness, or that imagined future might never come as we imagined it in our minds....


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