Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Fun

For a lot of school-aged kids, summer has just gotten started and everyone is looking for some fun things to do! Here are a few ideas for this area that might be worth considering:

1. Mill Creek MetroParks Farm : this farm in Canfield, OH is roughly 400 acres of well-managed productivity, while still being a lot of fun for kids! There is a wagon tour, walking tour, petting areas, playroom, and also an activity barn that doubles as an eating area. You won't be disappointed! Ages 2 and up would enjoy this, but younger ones could be held and not be too challenging to manage here.

2. Wagon Trails: this is an exotic animal wonderland in Vienna, OH, and my students just LOVED it! I would go back myself, just simply because I saw more African animals here, than when I was in Africa several years ago! *smile* There is a wagon tour, complete with feeding buckets for animals, petting zoo, (and chances to pet animals during wagon tour as well), and picnic table eating area. I believe there may be a gift shop that
we didn't visit, as well. There are some fun surprises, lots of cool animals that kids can touch (a big hit for my kids)...and one last note, stay away from the zebras! I didn't know they were mean... ALSO: Kids under 2 are FREE!

3. Summer's Best Two Weeks: I had the wonderful privilege of working at this summer camp, in Boswell, PA, for several summers in college and even afterwards, and it was a blast! I can't imagine how much fun it would be if I were a camper. Aside from all the fun, it is a wonderful experience in spiritual growth for all who attend, and many come back year after year, which creates a wonderful family environment at the camp. Look
for Scott and Anna and their crew of kids...some of my favorite people on planet Earth! I would even recommend volunteering at this great camp...

If you can't take the special kids in your life to any of these cool places, I'm sure there is something similar near you, that would just thrill and delight your young ones, whether they are your own kids, nieces and nephews, grandkids, or just 'borrowed kids'... (don't laugh, I borrow kids from my friends all the time!) Hope your summer is getting off to a great start, and you are finding ways to invest in the little people you love!


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