Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is the Gospel

It's been three weeks since I officially became the new Mrs. Fink.  Wonderful.  Challenging. Unexpected.  Grace.  Those are some words I think of when I think back on the past few weeks.  Today is Resurrection Sunday, the name that I prefer to give it, as many of you may also, and I'm thinking about the Gospel.  What the cross really means.  I've had a first-hand look at this over the past several weeks.  Coming to the end of myself, my resources, and there still is more....more grace, more love, more joy....things I never earned, but simply was given.  I see this in the way my family and friends poured out grace upon grace to help us throw the most spectacularly wonderful wedding weekend I could have asked for (or imagined...Ephesians!)  To have it all come off so beautifully, and know it was not because of my time, energy, or talent leaves me speechless and grateful.  I was so so joyful that day...and that is the one gift I had asked the Lord to give me, 'Lord please bless me with a heart full of joy on this day'...and I was overflowing.  I don't remember if I ever stopped smiling...but my face did hurt at the end of the night, ha ha.  And that doesn't even begin to speak of the wonderful week with my new husband in the mountains, or the time we have had setting up house together...learning, growing and loving it all.  I bring this up in the context of the Gospel, thinking of how I do not deserve this great grace given to me, but also thinking of some very particular incidents.  The joy of my whole family being together, as I had hoped.  The grace given when my words were not kind or gracious.  The resources that covered the costs.  All the talents used to make the day beautiful and memorable (mostly family and friends--not hired out!)  And I think of the way I interacted with a dear family member in their short and unkind, angry even...I realize that this is what the Lord sees in my heart...He is patient with my weakness, and would have been in this situation, had He been in my skin that day.  And of course, let me not forget my sweet husband, who bears with me in my weaknesses so well,  looking over my faults, and not holding them against me.  God's Riches at Christ's Expense....GRACE....given to me every day, and especially in these last few weeks and months.  I think the best way to describe my life to a new friend is to simply say, 'I've been given much more than I deserve, and though I get it wrong so often, the grace never runs out'....Lord, help me live up to the high calling of what You did for us on the cross.  May our lives show that we are deeply grateful.    

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  1. Wonderful post Ruth!! So glad I looked down your list. :)

    Hope you are having a restful weekend.


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