Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fun

Just a fun wedding update: the dress is in and it fits!  I am so excited and would love to post pictures of it here, but that just wouldn't be okay if my love got a sneak-preview too soon.  It is a fun story, however, that I just have to post.  You heard a little about my bad attitude in a previous post because the dress from China might be late?  Well, God had something up His sleeve for me, so to speak...Mom went scouring the shops for a back-up and the dress she found, as well as the dress from China arrived on the SAME day!  Didn't get a lot of sleep that night, needless to was more important to try on dresses and chat with my sweetie on his birthday than get my zzz's...
But, it turns out that the dress my mother found without me even trying it on is PERFECT and I just love it!  So glad we thought the other one might be late so that Mom could find the winner!  It will be so fun to walk down the aisle in this beauty.  Thanks, Mom, and thank you Lord, for sending me the perfect dress with a fun story behind it, to boot!  He is blessing my socks off ~ R

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