Sunday, January 23, 2011

Restful reflections...

It's Sunday, my favorite day...and my soul was able to breathe today, which made it a great Sunday!  I haven't been visiting you all here in a while, because life and wedding plans have been taking over...but it is all good.  I'm curious...what are your favorite wedding planning/engagement memories?  Any thoughts for a soon-to-be-bride?  Leave your comments...and enjoy the hours that remain of the weekend!  As a good friend says, I do not get to 'skip Monday' the day of rest is a must!  
Just as a side note...I wish you could have heard my Pastor preach today...who will soon be my was wonderfully convicting and encouraging all at the same time.  Hug all the little people you know, and celebrate the fact that their mothers brought them into the world, and did not choose death...over life.  Celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday...and say a prayer for the many mothers who are deciding over this important issue as we speak.  God be with you--RP

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