Saturday, May 29, 2010

Letting Go

Every year, as the school year ends, I face the same bittersweet feelings of letting go....letting go of the schedule I have gotten used to....letting go of the worth I derive from what I do....and most of all, letting go of the sweet children the Lord has given me to care for over the previous year.  This year, I was blessed with a wonderful class (I unfortunately cannot post any pics of them here!) and it is harder to let go than it usually is.  Granted, the end of the school year usually brings a lot of relief, and I am also glad for the summer to come...but these children go home to very hard situations.  I teach an inner-city population, and I do not know if what I have taught them will take root and grow, or if it will be snatched away by the Enemy, never to blossom as it should.  Several of them made heart-breaking comments yesterday..."Do we have to go home now?"...."Can I come home with you?"....and "Can we have school for another month?" name a few.  Many of these children do not have safe, structured, loving environments in which to grow and be children.  They are faced with the harsh realities of life far too soon in their young lives.

But I must let them go, as their lives belong to the Lord, in some senses, whether or not they will ever call Him their Father.  Oh how I wish they would!  My job is only to plant seeds, to nurture and keep them safe while they are 'mine' and entrust them to the Lord when my job is over.  Thank you, Lord, for the chance to love this group of children.  Thank you for the many conversations we had about life, hard work, and caring for one another.  Thank you for giving me the grace to restrain from strangling them on occasion....*smile* them to fly, broken wings and all.  I love you.  Amen. 

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