Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Reading

It's finally summer (well, to be fair, it has been summer for almost a week now)...and my favorite way to celebrate the season is to bring out my stack of books.  How do you spend your summer months?  Feel free to leave me a note with all your fun ideas.  I will be going to camp at SB2W Citikidz, having backyard get-togethers, hopefully visiting a little more with family, and I'm also looking forward to the fourth of July celebration this weekend!  My youngest brother just got married as well, and this was a little surreal.  Wish I had a video copy to post here of his karaoke-style serenade to his new bride.  One of the funnier things I've seen in my short life!!

Here are some of the books I'll be enjoying in my backyard oasis:  (This was made possible by some new chairs, table and a citronella from Target!) Jordan and Nikki Rubin's The Great Physician's Rx for Women's Health (which I am really loving!), just started today, The Christian Imagination, edited and complied by Wheaton's LeLand Ryken, What Did You Expect?, by Paul Tripp, and a couple I need to finish, Francine Rivers', A Voice in the Wind and Baucham's What He Must Be...

My daily Bible reading is currently taking me through Job and Acts, but what has struck me lately is Psalm 8:4, the idea of God's greatness and our relative smallness.  While I realize we are made in the image of God and therefore inherently valuable, it is quite striking when I consider how much more time I could be devoting to living for the glory of God.  Lord, change my heart and make me more and more a vessel of your love.  My years here are yours, every day and every minute.  Make my life a legacy of your greatness, lived through one humble soul.  I love you.  

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