Saturday, May 1, 2010

Faithful = Famous to You

Below is a poem I wrote in 2004, during the start of what I affectionately call my 'quarter-life crisis'....  It captures what God was beginning to teach me; that making a name for myself is far less important than making a name for Him, who deserves all glory and honor.  Enjoy!

Why does the world seem so big, Daddy-o?
And why does my map seem so small?
So many things that I just can't get right
So many things keep me up late at night
I fret and I wonder, is this really it?
I cry and I squirm--is there something I've missed?
But no, Daddy-o, You are the piece--
The piece to life's puzzle that gives us real Peace...
So no, I'm not famous, but I know that You'll be
When You show us Your Face and we all bend the knee
Help me to be faithful, that's famous to You...
My Maker, Creator, Best Friend, and Soul-Glue.

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