Friday, April 13, 2012

Good-bye and Hello

So glad to have him by my side as I say 'good-bye' and 'hello' to many things
Goodbyes are hard.  And sometimes I avoid them altogether!  Just today I was thinking about certain elements of others seasons of my life that I miss, but I felt the Lord's nudge to keep moving forward.  I'm in a bit of a slump and just like when running a race, if you don't keep pushing ahead, you'll be tempted to stop.  However, that doesn't mean we ignore how we are feeling.  Let's explore that a little.

In college, I had a mentor at summer camp who was awesome (I mean really awesome....not many people as stellar as Anna!)  When this thought came up in my mind post-college, she encouraged me to think through what I really enjoyed or was missing about that particular season.  That was always helpful to me, because then I could work to include some of the things I loved from past seasons of life.  But I really believe it is also important to think through why God may have moved you on to a new season.  Today I'm thinking about that.....what I've said hello to, and what I've said goodbye to.

Goodbye to:

~some really great friends
~a job I loved and felt passionately called to
~proximity to family
~a super-cute home and backyard
~worship team
~an ultra-safe town and neighborhood:  biking everywhere was an option
~an excellent roommate!

Hello to:

~a fabulous, more-than-I-could-ever-ask-or-hope-for husband!
~a church where we both really feel comfortable
~a more relaxed schedule
~my calling as a wife and homemaker
~new friends
~new opportunities for ministry
~the chance to explore a new area and make memories together!

The Why?  Well, I'm still thinking through this one....but a big part of the answer lies in growth, I would imagine.  My Father God seems to like to push me ahead to new things once I get comfortable (and stagnant) with the old scenario.  Oh, you too?  :)  I'm learning to accept the blessings of the new season, and be grateful for what I have now, all the while appreciating the memories from the past.

I trust you are able to go through this process for yourself as well.  Post a comment so I can encourage you in your journey!

Blessings on your weekend,

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