Thursday, September 22, 2011

Positive Marks

We like to laugh at the monkey calendar....
  My sweet boys from Holland are doing well in school....J and P, I will call them, to protect their innocence a bit from this hectic world....but today, again, P looked over at me, blonde hair all a mess, having woken up just in time for classes to begin...and tells me,

I like school!

And so, we have a happy teacher, happy mom, and two boys who are learning.  I couldn't ask for more....except to be ready for my Chemistry class tomorrow!!  (Moving takes it out of you....)

J's desk, and the map of the world....this family is a bunch of world-travelers!

Our books:  still figuring out the curriculum we are using...

The lovely Venus fly-trap.  Doesn't every elementary boy need one of these??

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