Friday, September 2, 2011

God-shaped Goals

Walking down memory lane at the Perry farm...
What shapes your day?  It is the demands?  The worries?  The have-to-get-dones?

This morning I had a moment to reflect on what shape I'd like my soul to take today, and how it was going to get there...

And at the top of my 'goal sheet', rather than things that I am striving after, came goals that I hope will shape my thoughts and actions to make it a God-shaped day.

1.  Ask for Grace (it is always there, but are we mindful of it?  Am I?)
2.  Be kind to myself, those I love [not in that order :) ] (How easy it is to forget the practice of kindness, as I fritter through my day, and speak harsh words to myself and my love)
3.  Practice Prayer (All things must be covered in prayer, or they will not often I work and speak in my own powerless strength!)
4.  Smile more, worry less (I was reminded by a seasoned wife of her remembrance that she was not smiling at her husband!  Oh my!  How often I let worries etch my mind and brow and dampen the mood of my soul and home...)
5.  Remember--Christ said it was finished!  (a reminder from sweet Ann, at therefore I do not need to strive, as the most important task, the saving of our souls, is already accomplished)

I hope you are able to find God-shaped goals to bring your soul into the life it is, peace, and joy in Him!

Have a blessed day,


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