Monday, May 28, 2012

A Tribute to All the 'Brave-hearts'

Well, if not for all the rain here in the central Florida region, we'd be out grilling, taking in some rays, or just enjoying the outdoors...(we did however take a walk in the rain, and saw a momma raccoon trying to carry two babies in her mouth, while climbing a tree!)  Another of our activities this weekend, aside from a fun BBQ on Saturday (thanks Dan and Laurie!) was watching Braveheart last night.  Paul had never seen it, and well, that is just not acceptable in my mind, so I was happy to deal with some gruesome scenes for an epic plot line (I am not crazy about the affair in the movie, and the nudity, either).

What came to my mind, other than the incredible courage of Mel Gibson's character, William Wallace, was all the 'brave-hearts' I have known in my life, those in the US armed services, and those in God's army.  There have been many.  I think of my grandfathers, on either side, and their service on both sides of World War II....serving for their countries, their families.  I think of my parents, who sacrificed so much for us, their eight children, who all made it through college and most have married, with grandkids coming along too...I think of my many teachers, coaches, and mentors, who shared their stories and their lives with me, and showed me what it meant to live a Christ-like life.  And there are my friends, those friends who stood by me when my life fell apart a few years ago, and walked me through incredibly dark times.  And finally my husband, who sacrifices for me every day.  Each of these people have lived an epic story, worthy of their own screenplay.  (Um, Mel, are you looking for a new story?  :))

I hope you are able to take a moment to remember those who have served our country, and served you specifically....I'm sure you have a long list as well!

Most of all, my thanks goes out to the figure that Wallace emulates so well, Christ our Savior.  Bravery is not better exemplified than through His sacrifice on the Cross.  His fight for our freedom is similar, though far superior to, that of William Wallace.  This poignant scene from the movie stirs my heart, as I hope it will yours.

Be blessed,


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