Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's the Little Things: Walking with My Hubby

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As I think back on this, our first year of marriage (actually 13 months in 2 days), I think about a little habit that has become foundational for us.  Every day, 2-3 times a day, we take a walk together, discuss what's on our hearts, and in the mornings, we make it a habit to pray as we walk together.  On the really hard days, we pray together at night too.  (We've had nights with tears, thoughts of the unknown future....and prayer is the BEST solution to our concerns.)  While it might only be a short walk (15-20 min) or a longer walk (25-30 min), it gives us the chance to find out more about each other in a very natural way.  For men, I've heard its easier to do something while we talk, and for me, as long as we talk (a lot :) I'm pretty happy.  I'm so thankful that Paul makes it a priority to call me at lunch every day, and we walk 'together', though I am home and he's at work.  Sometimes there is nothing earth-shattering to discuss, but other times, there is a conflict that needs to be resolved, and this practice keeps it from getting blown out of proportion.  (Besides, laughing at the ducks in our apartment complex, or tracking down our neighborhood owl is pretty entertaining!  Cheap fun is our style.)

Our walks started when we were dating :)
We have the luxury of time right now, not having kids or many big responsibilities, so it is easy to work in all this time together.  But I've heard many couples say that even just a little 15-20 min talk at the end of the day, when the kids are in bed, is something they are able to make a habit.  Having this practice as a habit makes it hard to ignore issues, which is good for both of us as 'pleasers'.  We would never get around to discussing conflict if not for our walks and talks!

These walks make me feel so loved and cherished by my honey and I am so thankful for his conviction that we do this.  Often when we are frustrated, taking a walk is the answer, even if we don't talk much.  Just getting out and away from the situation for a while is helpful.  (It also helps when Paul brings home his meat-lovers pizza from work, so we don't grow in ways we'd not desire :)

What do you do together that you can't live without?  How do you find ways to connect with your spouse on a regular basis?  Leave a note in the comments so we can all benefit!

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