Monday, May 7, 2012

Choose Thankful Submission...and Restore Childlike Wonder and Joy

A reminder every morning to value our union
It was Saturday afternoon, and I had had a rough morning. There was some tension between me and my sweet man, and it was largely my fault. I had spoken harsh words, and was not willing to yield some of his ideas...and the result was a collision of wills.  My lunch had burned, and it added insult to injury...but my audio book version of 1000 gifts struck a chord with my hard heart.  Thankfully, I was now willing to listen. She spoke of the joys of surrender, of opening ourselves up to the ways of God, and how this restores our childlike wonder and joy.  I recalled my photo adventure just a day earlier, as I had chosen to look for little displays of grace and beauty in my world.  God did not disappoint. I will leave you with some of those grace-moments, and urge you to pick up your camera, and go on a beauty-hunt yourself!

A welcome to others by our front door--the joys of hospitality
You will be amazed at all the beautiful things around you, that will open you up to living with childlike obedience.  

Reminders of our special day
Stepping out on our patio for some fresh herbs!
Bird of paradise flower, thoughts of our eternal paradise that waits
This happy hibiscus
Mama duck and her babies

 I pray that moments like these will help you turn from your rebellion and hardness of heart, and find the joy and wonder that I have found in true surrender.  I have realized again,

that choosing to submit to God and my husband, is really a door to joy, that can be found no other way.  Choosing my own ways over His, over my husband's (apart from following into sin) is really not the answer.  Joyful surrender is becoming more and more of a delight.

And finding the beauty all

around me in these joy moments, little snippets of grace, makes the hard days oh-so-bearable.  How do you fight through the hard days?  Please share in the comments.

As for the conclusion of my tough his ever gentle ways, my honey helped me find my way back to repentance, the refreshing streams of Grace that only God can offer, but that often come to me through Paul's words and actions.

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