Friday, April 20, 2012

Togetherness and Redemption

Togetherness.  It is a central tenet of the Christian faith, seen in Genesis, Revelation, and everything in between.  It is seen in the Trinity, at the birth of Christ, and at the Cross.  In the Old Testament wanderings through the wilderness, the start of the apostolic church in Acts, and the journeys of Paul through the New Testament.  Do you see it in your life?  Do I see it in mine?

Most of all, I see it as God has brought me through challenging times.  Without those dark valleys, I probably would have continued to rely on myself.  Growing up I was blessed with the togetherness of a lively farm family, and then blessed with togetherness in college, post-college during traumatic events, on mission trips, and now in marriage.  Each season has had its successes and failures, but it has largely taken place in close community.  I believe this is the crux of redemption in our lives....the working out of our faith and our struggles, as we live in togetherness.

And that's a focus I'd like to have here on this blog, a little more than I have.  I've posted my life verse, Isaiah 58:12 up on my header, to remind me that God has called me to togetherness, redemption, and helping others see redemption in their lives too.  I want to hear your stories, and I'll be getting that process geared up soon.  How has God redeemed 'the messes and mundane' of your life through togetherness?  There's really no other way to be redeemed.  For whether you have walked alone (with God) or walked hand in hand with dear friends, you were never alone.  What a beautiful reality we all have as followers of Christ.

Together with you,


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