Friday, March 30, 2012

Springtime Adventures

The weather is just gorgeous down here, and we've had friends and family in, doing all sorts of I've been AWOL from my online world, sorry. :(  Just having fun making memories and sharing life together.  Dear friends from PA, my aunt and family, and then time with Paul have kept me busy for the last two weeks or so....and there are more visitors to come!  I guess that is one of the positives of living in Florida--everyone wants to visit :)  So feel free to look us up if you are in the area, and we will show you around :)

Orchid gift from the Ladies' Tea I helped to host--thanks Meghan!

Trying to keep these tasty herbs growing is fun!
Pancakes made on the Old Spanish Sugar Mill Restaurant,  DeLeon Springs

In case you want to put in your order....

Interesting antiques inside the restaurant

Aunt Ruth, Uncle Dave and a 'portion' of their family--believe it!

The springs are beautiful and great for wading and swimming

The outside of the Sugar Mill Restaurant--was in use years ago
Beautiful New Smyrna Beach

This little guy was having a ton of fun!

I just love wading in the shallow water

'Nothing like reading and relaxing on the beach!
Time for a hike at Wekiva Springs State Park, Longwood, FL

The palmettos are a common plant in Florida

We hiked in the hot sun for a while--it reflects beautifully off the palmettos

Paul, my fearless leader.  What a great guy.
Our one-year anniversary is coming up next week, and we have all sorts of fun things planned--starting this weekend and continuing into next.  So I'll be sure to post more pics.  I just have to say briefly however, I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and all the special memories we have had together so far.  God is so good to us, in the good times and bad.

Blessings be on your day,


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