Monday, February 27, 2012

When Disappointment Turns Us to Thanks

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We woke tired this morning, after a busy but oh-so-good weekend full of new opportunities, wonderful people, and plenty of reasons to praise our King.  My dear husband was working hard for us this weekend and I was spinning words over at Letters to My Sisters.  Disappointment was the theme in our writings this month and I found myself in that spot, without even trying.  I have struggled with disappointment not only with life, but in myself.  This salutatorian, private-schooled, straight-A high-school athlete and musician has lived with too-high expectations for herself and not God-expectations--and often.  What's the difference?  I'm learning.  It's a slow process.  But it seems to always dance around the workings of my heart and not just the final results, like grades on the term papers.  It's like a light in the dark places of my soul, this realization that I am the beloved of the Most High King of Kings.  You are too, if you have called on His name and asked to be covered in His spotless Grace and Righteous Robes of Compassion.  Today, because my Father God has nudged me, and not of my own volition, I'm thanking God for who He has made me (Psalm 139).  Count the ways, the wonderful ways He has made you, my dear, unique friend.  And read on here, if you want to see my latest letter....

God bless you with His Grace so lavish,


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