Friday, January 27, 2012

On the Bookshelf

Good books keep me going....and here are a couple that have encouraged me lately.  Perhaps they will do the same for you!

I had a lovely time with several ladies this morning, as we discussed the many miracles described in this first book.  It was apparent after reading Stewart and Stewart's, Seven Miracles That Saved America, that God's hand of blessing has been on our nation.  It was particularly encouraging to me in this time of recession, political upheaval here and abroad, and general discouragement concerning the direction our nation is headed.  Many of these miracles were not a part of my American History knowledge, and no surprise there, as much of our history has been 'revised' by those who are set on erasing God from history.  HIS-story, not our story, may I add?  The story-telling in this book is excellent, and made me feel like I was a part of the scenes that were unfolding.  The book covers several hundred years of history, starting with Christopher Columbus, all the way to Ronald Reagan and others.  I would encourage you to pick this book up.  Though a little bit of a longer read, it is well worth it and will bring you hope that God can turn any dark time around for His glory and our good!

The second book was on a topic that I am wrestling through and seeking to grow in.  Have we discussed this?  I believe I have mentioned it briefly, but contentment is a struggle for me, so I was delighted when my sweet hubby sent this e-book to me a while back.  Contentment: A Godly Woman's Adornment is a beautiful book.  I have allowed this one to marinate in my soul and hopefully it has gone down deep into my fibers.  That is the goal!  If you struggle with contentment, or know someone who does, this book will be a blessing to you.  The author is very 'approachable' and made me feel like I was just over for tea, talking about my life and hers.  The book is laced with stories of Biblical women, modern-day women, and emphasizes both our struggle with sin and the need for hope.  This is a small little book at 112 pages, but you will want to take your time, pray as you read, and search your heart to discover what God may be speaking to you through the author's words.  This book is the second in the On-the-Go Devotional Series, covering several virtues in all (Joy, Purity, and Trust).  Check them all out--I may do the same!

What books are on your book shelf these days?  Please leave a comment if there is something good you'd like to share with the readers!


***As a side note, I do not receive anything for reviewing these books, and I have opted not to participate in the Amazon Affiliate program, so the hyperlinks above are simply as a help to you!  RF

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