Monday, July 4, 2011

Freedom Is....?

'Had a lot on my mind today.  It's a big transition time for us over here in Western PA, that combined with the ramifications of all today stands for....well, it had me mulling over several things....

~ What is freedom?  Is it truly just the absence of external coercion, as my college scholarship essay suggested?
~ What brings freedom to a soul, each of us?  And why do we often make choices that enslave us, rather than bring true liberty?
~How did God bring together the families of opposing sides of WWII, my grandfathers from each Axis, one unite my parents in holy matrimony?
~And lastly, and most importantly, are we aware of the true battle that wages war within us, the battle of the flesh and the spirit, and how this victory over spiritual death brings ultimate freedom in Christ (the only lasting freedom out there...)

So, as you can see, my mind was on over-drive (which certainly helped me get a lot of packing done for the trip down south!)  We, my sweet husband and I, have been getting to know each other's weaknesses and strengths a little better, and I can say (from just a little experience) that marriage can be freeing....if I allow it to be.  Amazing to me how submitting to another person, giving up my rights, so to speak, dying to myself, and putting another person before me on a regular basis, can free me from the demanding and self-absorbed nature I have, we all have, thanks to Adam and Eve....and giving up my 'independence' as a single woman has in fact given me a deeper and truer liberty in Christ, as I surrender to the crucifying design of marriage.  Today I was aware of the battle...which is only just the beginning of victory....but for me, it was a huge victory, indeed.  Enough to make a huge memorial of stones!  (Check out Monday Memorial Stones post...)

I pray you are tuned in to the battle of your souls....the battle of Life over Death, Self-Will over God-Will, and Joy over Misery.  It is a battle worth fighting....and while many are now, and have throughout the years, fought for the safety and prosperity of this great nation....this battle of your soul is the true Eternal battle....the battle where we are all soldiers, all victors in Christ through His death, and all recipients of the spoils of this Eternal battle....

Keep fighting!


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