Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Cherished.

Five minutes and....GO!

My God, and my husband, have convinced me:  I'm a princess!
The memories are deep, of the days when I felt my worth was equated to my good grades and good behavior.  But it's been years now, of walking in freedom from that prison, and knowing I am cherished.  It's a deep knowing of the love of God....the height, depth, width, of all that amazing Grace...and somehow it's burrowed into the very depths of my marrow.  So much so that I can't see where God's love starts and my insecurities end.  Certainly, I still falter many days, and forget my worth...but the rebuilding, the redeeming of my soul's foundation is a work that can never be taken from me.  Words fail me, but the taste of heaven that is mine can be yours too.  Relinquish all your fears, open wide your heart to the Lord...let the Gospel of Christ embrace you, as it has me.  For in the darkest moments of failure, we can most fully know our worth in God's eyes.  When the answers don't come, and the circumstances confuse, and the doubt rages....He brings knowledge of His unfathomable love, rushing river pouring through my soul, and clearing out all the debris of doubt.

It all began with a plea that He might redeem me, make me whole.  And how did He do that, how does He?  He proves His love to us, over, and over, and over again.  You are a princess in His eyes, dear one.  A valuable treasure worth shedding precious blood.  His cherished child.