Sunday, January 1, 2012

Setting Sail with the Wind of the Spirit

"The Senator" in Big Tree Park, Longwood, FL
It was a beautiful, balmy day and we had set out to enjoy nature for the afternoon.  This included a very large, very old tree, and a walk by the marina, watching the boats float in the deep blue water.  So nice to get out and get a new perspective on the day.  We had things to 'discuss' understand, right? So a beautiful view was in order to make that go a little more smoothly.  It has been a good first few months together, but we're thinking through our vision for the future, and having different expectations on things can make that a little tricky at times.

So, what are your expectations for your New Year?  How do you handle the switch from one year to the next?  Is it as uneventful as a sneeze, or does it come in like a bang, fireworks and all?  Perhaps for many of you, it is something in take inventory...make a few small changes...and by the middle of February, it's back to normal, just the daily grind, trying to get through the week with as little grief as possible.  On the other hand, this may be a year where you are SO determined to do things differently, that you have come up with a three-volume set of resolutions that is sure to set you up for success.  I've been there.  Ask my sisters about the year a Brio article revolutionized my life and I had to make my very own list of resolutions.  This wasn't your average was divided into categories of my life that 'needed work', be it exercise, relationships, my faith, name it, I had a resolution for it.  And I took that list with me throughout the year, referring to it almost as much as I did my Bible.

Sanford Marina -- photo credit
Now, don't hear me wrongly, I think resolutions are wonderful with the right heart attitude.  But for that one year back in high school, I was so into my own goals and my own efforts, that I had lost sight of Christ, and what HE might have in store for my year, rather than my sails being filled by the Holy Spirit, to make progress in any of those areas.   Since then, I've come to see that I have a radically good Father and Savior, and HIS power to change me is much greater than anything I could muster up on my own.  (My over-achieving goals and resolutions only lasted for that one year, by the way...)

All that being said, I still do like to take inventory, ask the Lord to work in my life in new ways, and give myself fully to the new things God might want to do in and through me.  To that end, there are some new things on my heart and you'll see a few changes around here in the coming weeks.

~Who I Am in Christ series:  I hope to go through this list of Bible passages that has been an encouragement to me over the years, and that I have found myself gravitating back to again in the last few weeks.  I thought perhaps you would enjoy hearing my journey through those meditations.
~Focus on Joy and Contentment:  I have been working to cultivate these two virtues, and I'd like to have a greater focus on them here, and what God has been teaching me.  This blog may look a little different, or it might stay the same, I haven't decided for sure, but I'm hoping to incorporate those things somehow.
~My business/affiliate programs: I have a new health & wellness business that I've started since coming down to FL and I have mentioned it at the very bottom of the page. You can take a look at that if you are interested.  I also plan to become an affiliate for a couple of companies I like, to review and recommend things that I've benefitted from and that may bless your home as well.  I don't want to get into doing a lot of ads, rest assured...but if adding some of the aforementioned things in an occasional post, sidebar, or banner would make this blog less of a blessing to you, please let me know as I will take that into consideration.  Disclaimer:  if you buy an item from the links I provide, I would receive a small portion of the sale, but you can consider that a chance to support our new family!  :)
~Guest posting: I've been wanting to get some guest bloggers on here, to spice things up, and also for your personal enjoyment, so if you would enjoy doing that, or know someone who would, stay tuned for more info. coming on that.
~Aesthetic changes:  I have some design changes in mind, but just consider that my need for some newlywed nesting, and this is my online home.  I hope you like how things will look when I'm done!  Shabby Blogs has some fun designs I'd like to experiment with.

That's all from sunny Florida, and I pray your New Year is both blessed, and a blessing to others!  I'll leave you with my Bible passage theme for the upcoming year....and challenge you to find a passage to focus your upcoming year as well!  Ruth

Isaiah 43:18-19 (NIV)

18 “Forget the former things;
   do not dwell on the past.
19 See, I am doing a new thing!
   Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
   and streams in the wasteland.

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